In the beginning God created Rock''n Roll...... in 2006 Kongsberg in Norway Siggen created his club "Siggen's Hardrock Aften".

He hosted 3 partys every year for faithful metal headz that had fun and enjoyed good music.



Every party was special, because the theme was that only one year got presented on each party. He presented the band very well, with a full bio. Sometimes video was showed and other times just the music. He let us discovered many different artists.

It got very popular, from a few friends in the beginning, it grew to over 50 regulars, and over the past 15 years over 160 people have visited the party, shared music, eat a lot of pizza and drink a "few" beer.

Oslo Hardrock Festival are based on the ide' of Siggens Hardrock Aften and we would like to thank him for the inspiration.

Oslo Hardrrock Festival based on voluntary
Oslo Hardrock Festival its mostly based on voluntary work from dedicated people "For The Love Of Metal" that is why less money goes to an administration. That is why we can have great bands on stage and make this festival special. And give you something that no other festival have, that is why we call it "A Festival With a Twist" come an you will see.

Our main sponsor and owner its Green Event Consulting AS
So the festival will have a green and environment friendly profile




The vision - concept
The festival vision is to to book band that have not played in Norway or in Oslo before.
And all supported by good old bands that have not been in Norway or Oslo for a very long time, like SHAKRA now in 20212 they have 25th anniversary, Crest of Darkness 25th Anniversary, Mystic Prophecy 20th Anniversary.

At Winter Metal Fest it will be 21+1 band on stage from 8 different countries in Europe. Many of the band have never been in Norway before, such as METALITE, Tungsten and Mister Misery from Sweden and FROZEN CROWN and KALIDIA from Italy, Snakebite Whisky from Australia and  IGNEA from Ukraine, and not to mention MYSTIC PROPHECY from Germany., that also have 20th anniversary., that is what we call special.

And many have never been in Oslo, CIVIL WAR from Sweden and VICTORIUS from Germany and many others too.  And the headliner SHAKRA from Switzerland have not been in Oslo for 16 years, and its the 25th Anniversary, and we will guarantee that it will rock the house.

Who is behind the festival
There is five dedicated people behind, with many helpers, but the one that have the responsibility for Oslo Hardrock Festival is Dag Hoestland.

A metal head in the mid 80''s and still are, he has the passion like many others for hardrock and heavy metal.

"Hosted two radio show"

In the early 90''s he hosted two Heavy Metal Shows on Norwegian Radio, first was High Voltage on Topp Radio, and Firehouse on Storbyradioen-Oslo.
In meanwhile he was the lead singer in the Norwegian metal band named "Massakrerte Sjeler" (Massacred Souls). And that did not get unnoticed, they participate in the Norwegian Rock Contest, and went on the 6th place in the Oslo final, and they introduced the Sami Joik on stage on back up choir. The band never released a demo or album.

It's summer, but winter is coming soon, and we wish you all a nice Winter Metal Fest 2022, see you there.
Crew @OHF2021