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I work together with the Oslo hardrock Festival.

LOVEBITES - Glory To The Brave, the video from the EP with same name, its powermetal at it finest, and this might be my best video too, contain some cool effects and information about the band.
METALITE - CLOUD CONNECTED and a Review of the other two videos form the album, Peacekeepers and Virtual World. This video I am proud of, a good edit :)
UDO - Where The Angels Fly and the other 4 videos from the album We Are One.
And a full React/Review of the last video.
Eleine latest video As I Breath, a very good one!
I have no words here...AMAZING..its hard fast and very heavy, you got a punch in the face!
Volturian latest video The Killing Joke
A very good video and song, made in the Italien forrest with the singer Lanna from Sleeping Romance and Federico Mondelli from Frozen Crown, so this just have to be good!
ARION the second video from the album Vultures Die Alone, this is the song and video "Out Of My Life" its fast - its hard - its powermetal!
BROTHERS OF METAL the latest video from the album Emblas Saga, its funny and so its the Review ha ha I almost cried here :)
FIREWIND and DEVOUR from the last self titled album FIREWIND, its hard and fast, I just love it.
Enjoy some Greek power!

The man The Myth the Legend himself, He is 73 years old and still kick ass.

From the new album in 2021 Detroit Stories, a good video and real Rock song, we compare it with the first video Rock''n Roll... let me hear what you think!
ELEINE and ENEMIES from All Shall Burn
A special video this time, because this one its an request from a subscriber, and since I have done one before from the latest album Dancing In Hell and the video As I Breath this two videos have something in common. A good choice for a request.
This time from the powerful album "All Shall Burn"
SECRET RULE - MOTHER EARTH, this group from Italy have released a very good video and song from the album that will be released late in 2021.
It contains a good video with deep and dark  lyrics.
BEBAUCHERY - BLOODKING this is so heavy that you need to make your floor more secure so the thunder and blastering sound do not enter the gates of hell!
SABATON - LIVGARDET - ROYAL GUARD, this time they release the vide with Swedish lyrics, very special, but it is not bad.
ACCEPT this video fromt he album Too mean Too Die,a good song, but what about the video?

THUNDERMOTHER - INTO THE MUD. Are you into som real kick ass hardrock, this is the video from the Swedish band Thundermother and the cool video "INTO THE MUD"

Maybe this reminds you a littlebit of Motorhead?

 The legendary band ACCEPT with the video Undertaker. From the album "Too Mean To Die" And we meet the "other" Undertaker too ;)
Episode 1 - Metalite - Metal Mythos AtoZ
The new rising stars ifrom Sweden, a very good melodic modern powermetal band.
Episode 2 - Perfect NME - Metal Mythos AtoZ
Trash Metal from Norway, and they kick Ass too!
If you are interested in Norwegian thrash I can recommend this video.
Episode 3 - VICTORIUS Metal Mythos AtoZ
Enjoy this 19 min journey with power metal from Germany, and a lot of fun too.
Episode 4 - FROZEN CROWN Metal Mythos AtoZ
Enjoy this 13 min of fun and much music.
Did you know what video game Jade like most, or what movie?
ALBUM REVIEW - Accept Topo Mean To Die
We take track by track include the three videos they have released from the album The Undertaker, Zombie Apocalypse and the title track.
A good album so its worth watching, enjoy!
BLOOPERS and OUTTAKES, have a good laugh, because sometimes funny things just happend :)
LOVEBITES - Glory Glory To The World
This is the Review of the EP, take track by track. So far this is one of myt best production :)
ALBUM REVEW, this video contain music track by track from the album and the two videos The Dark lady and The Black Mask.
A very good melodic metal with a good variation..
ENEMY INSIDE - ALIEN, this is not the alien you think it is, but it is dark modern metal from Gemany from the second album. And this is my best video with special effects.. LOL... have fun and enjoy the good song!
The latest video form the album Final Days, its a cool video and my editor went crazy with the fire LOL :)
Hi ALDIOUS fans ,this is the latest video from this excellent Japanese metal band, and it is so fast- heavy and brilliant. This video its a Review - React . I got many request to do a ALDIOUS React - Review, so here it is, please enjoy and tell me what you think.
HELLOWEEN - SKYFALL with all the three singers Kai Hansen, Andy Deris and Michael Kiske, this is a classic powermetal song.
HERMAN FRANK - EYE OF THE STORM the first video from his 5th album Time For A lie. This one its very good, its hard and its fast and it kick ass.
VOLTURIAN - IN A HEARTBEAT feat. Jade from Frozen Crown, and the mastermind behind the band Be The Wolf.
A good video so enjoy!
BLOODBOUND - Powermetal from Sweden, and this song its great, but it is very similar to Sabaton, please leave a comment and tell me what you thing, this is crazy!