Welcome to my website,
I do React/Review of Hardrock and Metal videos
and album, but also host the "Metal Mythos AtoZ" where I tell the hole story of the band form the begining to the end.

If you have any suggestions about a music video
please leave me a comment.
I work together with the Oslo hardrock Festival.

ACCEPT thisr video fromt he album Too mean Too Die,a good song, but what about the video?
My latest video, its an React-Review of the new video to the legendary band ACCEPT with the video Undertaker. From the forthcoming album "Too Mean To Die" And we meet the "otehr" Undertaker too ;)
UDO - Where The Angels Fly and the other 4 videos from the album We Are One.
And a full React/Review of the last video.
Eleine latest video As I Breath, a very good one!
Volturian latest video The Killing Joke
Episode 1 - Metalite - Metal Mythos AtoZ
Episode 2 - Perfect NME - Metal Mythos AtoZ
Episode 3 VICTORIUS Metal Mythos AtoZ
Enjoy this 19 min journey with power metal from Germany, and a lot of fun too.
Overskrift 4 FROZEN CROWN Metal Mythos AtoZ
Enjoy this 13 min of fun and much music.
Did you know what video game Jade like most, or what movie?

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