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Due to restrictions, it was impossible for us to make it happen. We are working with a new date in 2023.
We very sorry for this, because this is the second time we canceled it,
the first was January 2021 and now January 2022.

Banner wmf2022 arrangement_vulkan_poklaen_krosset.jpg
HEADLINE Fredag 28 Januar
CIVIL WAR (SE) are coming to Oslo for the first time and will be headlining on Vulkan Arena Friday 28 January with Kelly Sundown for the first time to Norway. And what a show, now they have got Thobbe on guitar from Sabaton, so it will be a war in Oslo, and that with our heroes from Falun. 

Friday 28 January
SHAKRA from Switzerland are coming to Norway after 17 years of absence, and they will celebrate they 25th Anniversary with you.

MYSTIC PROPHECY from Germany are coming to Norway for the first time and they celebrate 20th Anniversary in the service of metal. Here Comes The Winter and they could not be more true, check out the last album Metal Division.
.Frozen Crown are coming to Norway for the first time, and that with the new lineup with the fabulous Sheena on guitar. check out the video Neverending with over 7 millions views on youtube. Do you like powermetal, you will love Frozen Crown.
AMMUNITION with the mastermind Åge Sten Nilsen from WIG WAM are back for an Exclusive Concert only for Winter Metal Fest 2022. Check out Wrecking Crew, the MGP Hit from 2017, then you will understand that this is PARTY! They play Saturday 29th.
We are so happy to finally present KALIDIA with Nicoletta Rosellini also known from Walk In Darkness.
This is the finest Melodic Powermetal Italy has to offer, this will be a night to remember. They have never been in Norway or Finland.
Check out the video "Frozen Throne" on youtube, it has
4 millioner views and its a fantastic good song.


From KALIDIA to you fans:

"We're glad to announce we'll play at

Oslo Hardrock Festival in January 2022!

Oslo has always been in the top 5 cities in our Spotify feed - we can't wait to meet you all there!"

 VICTORIUS from Germany are coming back to Norway after 8 years of absence, and the first time to Oslo. Please welcome power metal Ninjas from outer space, this will be fast, hard and catchy!

Finally TUNGSTEN are coming to Norway for the first time
and the drummer Anders Johansson (HammerFall, Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force) on drums bring his two sons Karl (bass) og Nick (gitar). And on vocal Mr. Mike Andersson (Cloudscape, x-Planet Alliance og Fullforce).
They are Headline on Krøsset Metal Stage Saturday 29th January


Finally the new Swedish superstars are coming to Norway for the first time, they have released three albums and millions of views on yolutube. Thjey have over 3000 listeners on youtube in Oslo alone, so this will be a great Fest!

NICOLETTA ROSELLINI will perform songs from WALK IN DARKNESS for the first time - A World Premier.
She is well known for the lead singer in Kalidia and she will be on stage at Vulkan Arena after the show with KALIDIA the very same evening. This will be a night to remember.
We are proud to finally present IGNEA from Ukrainia for the first time to Norway. This will be a unique show. It is a melodic metal band with a modern sound, mixing heavy riffs with symphonic, electronic, and folk elements that create a powerful OST-like experience. Staying true to the melodic essence of their music, IGNEA also adds touches of brutality by occasionally incorporating extreme vocals, breakdowns, and blast beats.

Do you want Norwegian hardrock on its finest? well, this is the band for you. They have released a world wide album Glamorized and over 170 000 streams on spotify on the hit Flying High.
This guys are form Bergen (west coast of Norway) and they know how to party!


We got the honor to present SNAKEBITE WHISKY from down under AUSTRALIA, this will be the first time they enter the Kingdom of Norway, and they will party like never before. We can promise you, it wont be a quiet day at Pokalen Rock Stage, and they have promised to mingle with you fans!


Look at a Brigther Side Of Death First show in Norway!

Mister Misery from Sweden Its a modern metal band that plays a mix of old school Rock'n roll, Sleaze and Aggressive metal. They have rerleased two album "Unalive" (2019) and "A Brighter Side Of Death" (23 April 2021)

Welcome to Winter Metal Fest 2022, looking forward to see you ghosts!

From Mister Misery:

Dear Ghosts!

We are excited to tell you that we are doing our first show in Norway-Oslo this upcoming winter at Oslo Hardrock Festival - Winter Metal Fest.

We are really looking forward to meet our northern ghost neighbours over there!

Thank you Winter Metal Fest for having us!

Much Love

/ Harley, Alex, Rizzy & Alister

Ny bakgrunn promo (5).jpg
Connect The Circle from Drammen, right outside Oslo (40min) play prog metal and they have released the album "This is Madness" and working with the second album, and they have said it will be finished right before the festival. 
RockIn_Banner wmf2022 arrangemnt_frost_t
Crest Of darkness are celebrate the 25th Anniversary with the album "QUENCH MY THIRST" and they are coming to the Oslo Hardrock Festival for a special show for only 200 people at ROCK IN - Dark Stage.
This is real Norwegian Black metal and an exclusive show you wont be missing.
ohf_wmf2022_keiser_promo_rockin (2).jpg

EN: KEISER from Levanger Norway play melodic black metal with influence from thrash metal. They got formed back in 2015. They have released one EP "Ascension of Ghouls" (2016) and two Album "Succubus" (2017) and "Our Wretched Demise" (2020).
We are looking forward to more Norwegian Black Metal at Rock In, death are really coming to town!


KONVENT from Copenhagen Denmark will be headline on Dark Stage Rock In on Friday 28th. They play death doom metal, got formed in 2015 and already in 2018 they played at Copenhell Festival and Copenhell 2020 Live on Danish TV. and on the large festival Roskilde.
They play at Friday 28th January - Headline

We are happy to announce that HEADSIC from Sweden will be with us at ROCK IN DARK STAGE at29th January 2022.Ever since the founder and only remaining original member Andreas Ljung put together the first complete Headsic line-up in 2009 the vision has stayed intact: To blend the intensity of melodic death metal with heavy infectious grooves, dynamic arrangements and lyrics that reflect something real and often personal.
LAST LIGHT… may be the end of a decade but it can also be a beginning of something great, like playing at Oslo Hardrock Festival.
They play ion Saturday 29th January at Rock In - Dark Stage.

Evilon got formed in 2015 and play Melodic/Folk/Death Metal, But to make it easy Folk Metal with groovy heavy riff and growling vocal. This powerful band have released the album "Shores of Evilon"(2016) "Leviathan (2018)  and this year 2021 the singel/video "Walk of the Damned" 17 April.
This is extreme metal and they have just released the debut album "IOTA" on Friday 28th May. The lyrics are personal and are much about mental illness, and it took 4 years of makeing, and they are very excited to present this album Live On Stage on Rock In 28th January 2022.

Welcome to the first edition of Winter Metal Fest


Friday 28th Line Up.

17.00 - 18.00  POKALEN-Rock Stage:     1. Custom - NO

18.30 - 19.30  POKALEN-Rock Stage      2. Snakebite Whisky – AU

19.15                VULKAN ARENA                    opening show

19.30 - 20.30  VULKAN ARENA                3. Frozen Crown - IT

20.30 - 21.30  POKALEN-Rock Stage      4. IGNEA - UA

21.30 - 22.30  VULKAN ARENA                 5. SHAKRA – CH

22.30 - 23.30  POKALEN-Rock Stage      6. NOTORIOUS - NO

23.30 - 01.00  VULKAN ARENA                7. Civil War - SE

Saturday 29th. Line Up.

17.00 - 18.00   KRØSSET-Metal Stage      1. Connect The Circle – NO

17.45 -              VULKAN ARENA                     opening show

18.00 - 19.00  VULKAN ARENA                 2. Victorius - DE

19.00 - 20.00  KRØSSET-Metal stage       3. KALIDIA - IT

20.00 - 21.00  VULKAN ARENA                 4. Ammunition - NO

21.00 -  2200  KRØSSET-Metal Stage       5. Mister Misery – SE

21.45 -  22.00  VULKAN ARENA                 6. Nicoletta Rosellini - IT

22.00 - 2300  VULKAN ARENA                  7. Mystic Prophecy - DE

23.00 - 00.15  KRØSSET-Metal Stage       8. Tungsten - SE

00.00 - 01.15  VULKAN ARENA                  9. Metalite - SE

Conference room at Scandic Vulkan Hotel

Saturday 29th January


Metal Heads Against Bullying v/ Leif Munkelien

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