Winter Metal Fest 2022

Winter Metal Fest 2022 Spotify Playlist with those artist that will be at the festival.

Oslo Hardrock Festival

Oslo Hardrock Festival 2022 Spotify Playlist, similar to WMF2022 but different songs
 SHAKRA from the album MAD WORLD - Too Much is Not Enough
METALITE first song from the second album Biomechanicals. that took the world by storm. its fast, catchy and very good!
CIVIL WAR from the album Last Measure and the fast song from the wild west - Tombstone, a cool and funny video!
VICTORIUS The Space NInjas are here and will attack Oslo by night, this is the mega hit Super Sonic Samurai..
FROZEN CROWN from the MEGA HIT Neverending with over 8 millions views ion youtube alone.
The Norwegian band CTC with the first singel from the debut albm This Is Madness, self produced.
MYSTIC PROPHECY from the album that got released in 2020 Metal Division, and metal they deliver.,
TUNGSTEN from Sweden and the hit Faries Dance, this is the most moden sound we have on the festival, here 80s meet 2020.
The Norwegian melodic hardrock band featuring Åge Sten Nilsen from WIFG WAM, with its Victor Cito Borge from the Norwegian band TNT.

NOTORIOUS from Bergen, west coast of Norway,. Do you like sleaze, glam and heavy rock, this is the band for you. Guarantee catchy songs and party!
KALIDIA from Italy will come to Norway for the first time, this is the mega hit Frozen Throne, taken from the album with same name. Over 4 millions views.

EN: Do we have top say more... this party guys from Australia are the most popular sleaze band down under. Party, sex and rock'n roll are the trademark, no fake here, so lets get Hammered!
Dear ghosts of northern woods, Mister Misery are coming for the first time to Norway.
And have just released a new album "A Brighter Side Of Death" this is hard and heavy and the same time scary... we just love it.

EN: Crest Of Darkness are coming to Oslo to perform an Exclusive Show only for Winter Metal Fest and celebrate the 25thj Anniversary of the first album Quench My Thirst.
This video are from the last album God OF Flesh.

Norwegian Black Metal with influence form thrash and prog metal are KEISER. They come from the deep dark woods of Levanger in Norway, this video are form the latest album Our Wretched Demise.

Danish Doom Death at it best, this video alone have over 400 000 views on youtube, its hard, heavy and doom. This four Danish ladys from Copenhagen have got a rocket start on the career.

HEADSIC from Sweden play very good melodic death metal, and this is the laatest release from 2020, enjoy the power!
EVILON from Sweden play Folk Metal with heavy riff and growling, and this is the latest release from 17 April 2021
Walk In Darkness songs will be performed by the lead singer Nicoletta Rosallini on Vulkan Arena after the Kalidia show at Krøsset. This video are form the latest album with same title, released in 2020.
IGNEA from Ukraine will come to Norway for the first time and have just signed a recoprd deal with Napalm Records, this will be a night to remember.