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Get ready for ONE HELLUVA FEST We try for 5 time :) we look forward to finally meeting you.

On Saturday 16 October, Notorious and Hjallarhorn come to make Fest, and that together with Oslo Hardrock Festival's Crew to Kick Off for Winter Metal Fest 2022.

Notörious promises a full evening with a high all-singing factor, glam, leather pants and tons of hair spray. Hjallarhorn runs its HjallarVors with its own material and METALLICA covers, this is guaranteed to be a good atmosphere.


NOTÖRIOUS is a hard rock / glam metal band from Bergen. The band was formed in early 2018, with a goal in mind; to revive the classic soundscape and atmosphere that ravaged Sunset Strip LA in the early 80's.

HJALLARHORN is known for its classic metal style and runs its HjallarVors with its own material and Metallica cover songs that will really lift the mood.

19,30 Opening/Welcome Kick Off m/Crew OHF
20.00 Hjallarhorn - HjallarVors with Metallica.
21.30 Presentation of band m.m.
22.30 Notörious 


Come and join the party!

(This has been replaced with parts of the original "Norwegian Edition" with Hjallarhorn, Notorious. and Perfect NME, see text below.)

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WINTER METAL FEST 2021 - NORWEGIAN EDITION. 26 June 2021, Vulkan Arena

WINTER METAL FEST 2021 - Kick Off Part 2, September 4, Vulkan Arena Cancelled

Oslo Hardrock Festival "Norwegian Edition" was set up on Saturday 26 June. This was the third time we set it up after the authorities' advice. We were promised support, but it was far below what we had applied for, so it could not be implemented. On application No. 2 for Kick Off 2, we were rejected, it has now been appealed and we are waiting for a response. We hope it gives a better result so we can complete Kick Off 16 October.

Kick Off 4th September - Cancelled, the original version and the "Nortwegian Edition" for back up, due to restrictions.

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