2020 Kick Off dates announced

Oppdatert: 20. feb. 2020

The Kick Off it is now announced at Rock In, Oslo, Norway 13 March, 20.00 PM

Welcome to our first Kick Off in Oslo Hardrock Festivals history, it will take place in downtown in Oslo, at the legendary Rock In.

“Here we will announce the six bands that will play on the First Edition on our Winter Metal Fest next year on saturday 30 january 2021.”

It will be two bands on stage, first the Norwegian HJALLARHORN, they will play theyre own material, but also do some Metallica covers. They will make the party really rocks. Then we will present the six bands that will play on the Winter Metal Fest, it wil be videos from the bands, greetings and interviews. Then the Norwegian band PERFECT NME will play a set to celebrate that they have just signed a record deal.

We will thank Hjallarhorn for the excelent cooperation

Because of HJALLARHORN and theyre HjallarVors made this Kick Off see the light of day.

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