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A god review of Summer Metal Fest 2022 at

At Summer Metal Fest, the focus was on bands that have not exactly cleaned the doors of Norwegian concert venues

Mystic Prophecy was the headliner at Summer Metal Fest, and this was the first time they entered the stage in Oslo. They have only played in Norway one time before, that was at Karmøygeddon earlier this year.

The highlight of the evening was definitely Swedish Metalite,

Metalite delivered a very good show, here we very much agree with the journalist, they gave it their all and with a three year wait there was a lot of energy to be released. They have received several good reviews in the spring and summer half of the year with concerts at Sweden Rock Festival and Summer Metal Fest, and not least at their Spain tour.

Mystic Prophecy delivered a hit parade like no other, here we got Metal Brigade, We Kill You Die, Dracule with its own Dracula show where vampires entered the stage and Metal Division, they all gave a full show, so here it was value for money

You can read the entire review on Disharmoni, where there is also background information about the Oslo Hardrock Festival, with an interview with Dag Høstland.

And information about A Magical Evening which was held on 8 April We wopuld like to thank Willy Larsen for the pictures.

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