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A Magical Evening Review in a Norwegan newspaper.

We thank Disharmoni for a very good review of A Magical Evening. Here you can read about the concert.

ELEINE did a perfect concert. Tonights headlner was ELEINE, and it was not without reason, they took the place of IGENA who could not come due to the war in Ukraine. They are close friends og Helle and the rest of the band, so the choice was easy.

The second band for the evening were KALIDIA from italy, they came to Norway for the first time, yes it was the first concert in Scandinavia, here was a show of high class, they had belly dancers on stage with Bellystars, and for a show they made. Here the audience gor to see something they have not seen before. They also had a pirate on stage, the Norweian cosplay-entertainer Elf-Pirat, he was also in the begining of the concert and told jokes as a part of the opener. The full review you can read here at disharmoni

Have a wonderfull easter time.

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