Interview by Oslo Hardrock Festival about "A Magical Evening" on Heavymetal No. A good informative interview, here you get all the details, short and to the point!

Yngve in had a chat with Dag in the Oslo Hardrock Festival and talked about

"A Magical Evening" 8 April-2022, Røverstaden-Oslo.

We have been much discussed in the media and have received many inquiries, especially after we announced ELIENE, they have their one Legion in Sweden.

Here you get to know a lot of the reason why the choice fell on ELEINE

A live debutant and two playing in Norway for the first time, there MUST be reason enough to visit Røverstaden in April? The style is symphonic and power metal with female fron figures, and this combination has good followers, so do not wait for the ticket purchase for too long.

You can read the interview in its entirety HERE

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