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Eleine has been confirmed for A MAGICAL EVENING

ELEINE from Sweden, was founded by lead vocalist Madeleine Liljestam and guitarist / roar Rikard Ekberg. The first show was held in 2014 and the following year ELEINE released her self-titled debut album. ELEINE's music is heavy dark symphonic metal with a unique and interesting spin. When they perform on stage, they never fail to deliver a show that captivates the audience by seducing and beating them with a massive sense of wonder. We are proud to have ELEINE with us, this will be the first time they play in Norway ,, this will be a Magic Evening, an evening to remember. We want to give ELEINE a special thank you for joining IGENA who can not play due to the war in Ukraine. They are also personal friends with them, so this is special.

We point out that this is not a tour ', but a "One Night Only" concert with ELEINE, KALIDIA and CONFIDENTIAL, so if you want to experience this evening then the opportunity is now, it will not come again! See you there, you wont regret it! Best regards Crew OHF2021

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