The Italian band Frozen Crown are out with a second video form the album WINTERBANE, and this is also the opening track of the album, this is fast, heavy and true powermetal!

Frozen crown have just released a perfect album WINTERBANE and this is the second video from the album, the first one was also a hard hitting song Far Beyond. And they did it again, they made some video clip outside in the open field and also inside, this has become a trademark for FROZEN CROWN, and they are good at it.

Sheena, the new guitar player and Jade the well known singer. Embrace the girls, embrace the Frozen Crown and Embrace the Night, this is good music, and we are really looking forward to see them live on stage together Friday 28th January at Winter Metal Fest 2022 in Oslo - Norway!

Album number three, just released in April 2021


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