IGNEA to Norway for the first time!!!

We have the pleasure to introduce you to IGNEA from Ukraine.. This will be a very special evening, because it is the first time to Norway and we are so happy to have them with us. Get ready for a concert that you have never ever seen before.

Same as KALIDIA, Oslo are on Top 5 citys on Spotify, so they have a lot of fans here in the North. It is a melodic metal band with a modern sound, mixing heavy riffs with symphonic, electronic, and folk elements that create a powerful OST-like experience. Staying true to the melodic essence of their music, IGNEA also adds touches of brutality by occasionally incorporating extreme vocals, breakdowns, and blast beats. And if you did not know, IGNEA in latin means Burning/Flame, nd the fire will burn on stage for sure! IGNEA was started under the name Parallax in 2013, with the debut EP titledSputnik dedicated to the themes of space, life on Mars, and the first artificial satellite. In 2014, the band prepared a follow-up single titled Petrichor, featuring an ex-Orphaned Land guitarist Yossi Sassi who recorded his unique instrument bouzoukitara and a guitar solo.

IGNEA means “flaming” in the feminine. Making an album related to fire was only a matter of time and proper inspiration,” says Helle, the vocalist of IGNEA. “Reading the tales accompanying the album will totally change your perspective and perception of our music. With the new album, we want to tell people various stories that are imaginary but can evoke associations. We are balancing between the fairy-tale and brutality as if these were two parts of one thing.”

we can not say this enough, but we are very happy to have them with us. They will be playing at Pokalen Friday 28th January! See you there!

IGNEA WEB https://ignea.band/

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