METALITE comes to Norway for the fist time

Swedens new superstars in Melodic Power Metal are now coming to Norway for the very first time, and will deliver a very spceisl show, Friday, September 2nd 2022.

With over 4000 monthly listeners on Spotify in Oslo alone, they are now finally coming to Norway, a long-awaited band to Røverstaden.

The story behind METALITE and OSLO HARDROCK FESTIVAL is long, it goes back to the autumn of 2019, when it was the very first band that was booked. It was for Winter Metal party 2021. It was canceled, so they were rebooked to 2022, it was also canceled, so then it is with extra pleasure that they now come to the last Summer Metal Party 2022, they play on Friday 2 September at Røverstaden.

Peacekeepers form the latest album Virtual world! Welcome to Norway!

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