The winter just got colder and darker

Crest OF Darkness join the First Edition of Winter Metal Fest and that is not all, they celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the album Quench My thirst and will give you an exclusive show for only 200 people at Rock In Dark Stage.

"We are extremely happy to see that parts of the world seem to slowly be coming back to normal, and that several dates will shortly be confirmed, starting with an appearance at the Oslo Hardrock Festival in January.

It's been quite a long time since we played in Oslo, so we are particularly excited to be doing this exclusive show. That being said, every CREST OF DARKNESS show is a magical experience for me, and the fact that you will be able to share our dark ritual with us makes it all the more worthwhile. So if you are in Oslo, come along and join me and the band in one of our unholy masses. We love you all, and you will be most welcome!" Ingar Amlien - CREST OF DARKNESS Tickets to this show will be sold separately to the Festival Pass. Own ticket for the Dark Stage, a 2 Days Ticket Only, but cheap :)

Released in 2019.

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