Q/A - Question and Answer
Here you will find the answers about the festival, if you can not find it, please send us an message at Facebook - Instagram or by email, and we will come back right to you.

It will get updated soon as we get more questions from you.
1. Opening show
   Q: What is opening show?
    A: That is a special opening with.... well come           and see, it contain dance and more.
         Its a show you possible never have seen                 on a metal festival before.

     Q: Will it be a different show from Friday and             Saturday?
      A: Yes.

2. Festival pass and stages
   Q: What stages can i use my festival Pass on?
    A: Festival Pass bought at ticketmaster can be           used on Vulkan Arena, Pokalen and                       Krøsset, NOT at Rock In.
         2 Day Festival Pass for Rock In - Dark Stage
         can only be used for Rock In.
3. Can I have ticket for Vulkan and Rock In?
  Q: Why you not sell ticket for all stages?
    A: Because Rock In - Dark Stage have more               extreme music and it is 20 minutes from
         the Vulkan area (other 3 venues) We want
         everyone that want to experience Dark                   Stage to be available to see the                                 concerts there. And it is much cheaper,                 half price. That make also the overall tickets           much cheaper.

     Q: Do I have to buy Festival Pass for Rock In             and Vulkan Arena?
      A: Yes, if you want to be at the both venues                 you must buy Rock IN - Ticketco.no
           And Vulkan Arena - ticketmaster.no

4. Collectors Ticket
    Q: Where can I buy Collectors Ticket?
     A: When you buy the Festival Pass, you can                add it to your chart.

     Q: Is it same Collectors Ticket for Rock In                  and  Vulkan Arena?
     A: Yes it is, the design are more or less same,              but Rock In Collectors Ticket have a Rock              In logo on it.

     Q: How do I get my Collectors Ticket?
     A: Ticketmaster will send it to you by mail.
          TicketCo (Rock In) you will get it when
          you change your ticket to wristband at
          the venue.