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The Last Summer Metal Fest
Welcome to "The Last Summer Metal Fest" at Røverstaden / Oslo Konserthus Friday 2 September and Saturday 3 September.
Doors open 6PM



Finally, MYSTIC PROPHECY from Germany is coming to Norway, and for the first time to Oslo.
They celebrate their 20th Anniversary here, and they will do it with a special show.
Tungsten comes to Norway for the first time, and with a new album in the suitcase, "BLISS". From the upcoming album, they have already released three videos, March Along, Come This Way and title cut Bliss.

We are visited by a legend, Anders Johansson from, among others, Yngvie Malmsteen's Rising Force and HammerFall.
With him are his two sons Nick (guitar) and Karl (bass), on vocals they have Mike Andersson from Cloudscape and Full Force.

Oslo has long been in the top 4 on your Spotify list of most played cities, so it is a pleasure to present this very good band.

Tungsten website
Finally, METALITE is coming to Norway for the very first time, and they will play on Friday 2. September. They have just finished the Tour in Spain and will be on Sabaton Open Air and Sweden Rock festival and then come to Norway for the last metal fest, SUMMER METAL FEST 2022.

They have over 4200 monthly listeners on Spotify every month, so Oslo is the third most-played city on the list.
SUICIDE BOMBERS will return to the stage on Saturday 3 of September, and summer
will never be the same again.

This Norwegian rocker will make sure that this evening will be complete and we are happy to have them with us.
They got formed back in 2008, and have released four studio albums.

Criminal Record 2012
The Sex tapes 2015
Suicide Idols 2017
Murder Couture 2019

Suicide Bombers youtube channel

MISTER MISERY, is a modern, alternative metal band from Sweden, blending clean/gritty vocals along with high energy riffs and anthemic choruses. Their sound borders the genres of both old school rock n roll, sleaze, and aggressive metal, all mixed perfectly together to create the unique sound that characterizes MISTER MISERY today. 
After the pace-setting release of their praised debut album “UNALIVE” in 2019, the band has not slowed down, despite the fact a global pandemic crushed schedules, MISTER MISERY kept busy during quarantine, writing new breathtaking material, while still releasing numerous compilations for their fans in the meantime. 
And then Brighter Side Of Death got released in 2021.

They will come to Norway for the very first time!
We have the pleasure of presenting BLODSMAK  (Taste of Blood) itself, which has been supported by Italian Rhapsody Of Fire at Vulkan Arena 2020.

We had a visit from vocalist Tom Ostad at Kick Off - A Magical Evening 8. April, where we cut off a small chat "live on stage", and there was a clear speech "Blood taste is ready to deliver the goods Friday 2 September with a Live show you do not want to miss. That with really hard folkrock with riffs from Jotunheimen, and that in the rock language Nynorsk! "